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Outstanding Tips For Creative Writing 

Creative writing is a type of writing that differs from technical or academic writing. This writing is based on self-expression and originality. The purpose of this type of writing is to entertain its audience and share the writer’s experiences that inspire the audience. 
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For creative writing, good writing skills are not enough. A writer requires to have an ability to put all his imaginations on the paper. Creative writing has a lot of types that includes songs, art, poetry, plays, personal essays, speeches, memoirs, scripts, short stories, and novel.  


There are no fixed or universal rules to do creative writing but there are certain tips that can be followed to make your creative writings compelling and outstanding. Follow the tips below to add magic in your creative writings:


‘Write what you know’ - To come up with a story consider the things you already know such as characters, settings, language, and background and twist them. Try to get new things out of cliches and ordinary things. 


Use your imagination - The quality of creative writing depends on the writer’s ability to imagine. To add charm in your creative writing use your imagination and create situations, characters, relationships, etc. to go creative, create things. Think outside the box and write about different periods or places that are not commonly known or discussed. 


Read to write - in order to write well, read well. Read whatever that interest you or is related to your field to give versatility to your writings. The more you read the more you will have to add into the content. 


Use interesting hooks - Why would a person read anything you write? Have you ever read something that was not interesting? Similarly, your audience, too, will not read something that is not interesting and appealing. To make your creative writings even more interesting is to add a hook. The hook works as an attention grabber which motivates the readers to dig deeper. 


Give a voice to your characters - if you have characters in your writing, give them a voice. This is done by using words that suit best to their personalities. Clearly present the interesting dialogues between the characters. If you have to submit your essay and you are wondering who can help me write my essay ,
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Paint through words - your audience should not be told but shown. Paint a picture in front of your audience with the words. This is done describing the settings, events, and characters physically.


Try to make the first draft the last - Creative writings are suggested to be done in a one go. It helps bring your creativity out when you know that this the final draft. 


Polish until perfect - Even if you write the first draft perfectly, it will still require polishing. Revise the content and proofread it thoroughly. This is to make your writing flawless and free from all mistakes in vocabulary, grammar, syntax, spellings, formatting, and presentation.


Write in intervals - many people say that they do not find time to do creative writing. Professionals suggest polishing the skills of creative writing by writing in short intervals and breaks you get during the day.


Following these tips will make your creative writings even more interesting. Sometimes, creative writings are asked to do by students for their academics. In this case, your creative writings have to be perfect as your grades are depending on it. 

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